Hi 👋 I'm Rhys Davies!

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I’m a passionate digital marketing consultant, specialising in SEO. I provide actionable insights & services to improve search traffic, ROAS & digital processes – allowing businesses to save precious time and make more profit.

I’m originally from the UK, working In London for multiple years. However, I’m currently based in Stockholm, working as a senior product manager for 56K Digital and loving it!

Due to limited time & various side projects, I only take on clients that I am 1000% confident on delivering results for and make me genuinely excitedIf you’re interested in working together, please drop me a message to discuss further!

Consultancy Services

Digital Processes

Lack of time & resources is a common problem within businesses. I help clients save money by automating processes, creating SOPs & interactive reporting dashboards.

Search Strategy

Strategic approach to growing your organic & paid traffic through Google Search. I prioritise what is needed for your business to see the most profitable impact in the shortest amount of time.

Website Development

Creating beautiful but functional websites made to convert users with ease & stand out from the competition. Whether you need sign-ups or sales, I can help develop a website for all your needs.

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Rhys has one of the smartest SEO brains that I've ever worked with. His knowledge combined with his work ethic delivered us significant growth. Rhys went above and beyond to surpass expectations and over deliver for us. He understood the need to prioritise projects that made the most commercial sense. He's a joy to work with and we won several marketing awards while working together.

❮❮ Brands I've Worked With Throughout My Career ❯❯

Rhys is a complete ROCKSTAR. He single-handedly delivered some of the best SEO work I've ever seen. Not only is he technically sound, he is a fantastic storyteller and interesting to watch.
Rhys is one of the best SEO's I've had the pleasure of working with, blending comprehensive strategy and quick win tactics. I've seen him turn complex problems into massive results.

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